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Book Trailer of the “Album” produced for Editorial Juventud 

The young teacher was assigned to a school in the Amazon jungle, where she arrived loaded with her books, from which her students liked her to read them stories. Then they would take them home, and the mothers and grandmothers, although they did not know how to read, would look at those books with curiosity.

The inhabitants of the jungle villages used to tell many legends, but at that time the young teacher believed that they were just that: legends. Accustomed to the city and books, the young teacher will experience culture shock when she encounters a different reality. But she will soon realize that she is not the only one who has things to teach. This book is a tribute to Latin American teachers, who leave everything behind to pursue the dream of education, but also to the legends of the most remote villages, which their people have passed down through generations, thus preserving their cultural richness and popular wisdom.

Author: Irene Vasco / Illustrator: Juan Palomino / Editorial Juventud.

Artistic Team /
Concept and Artistic Direction: Hand Made Theatre
Paper Set and Props: Consuelo Barrera and Sara Caldas
Embroidery: Fullk
Camera and Editing: Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Music: Maria del Sol Peralta
Production: Hand Made Theatre
Set Design Assistant: Sara Caldas.

Acknowledgements: Zoe Catsaras, Editorial Juventud, Juan Palomino, Irene Vasco, Leonor Serres.


BookTrailer of the book of poems El Patio by Raúl Valenzuela Rodriguez

Audiovisual poetic piece inspired by this book of poetry, which takes us to a place in which past and present are intertwined, portraying the image of children who are in the backyard, while Chile is in a dictatorship.

We travel along with the text to the places, the questions and the sensations that are installed – an open door to childhood from the point of view of someone who has grown up and still remembers all the traces and vestiges.

Author: Raúl Valenzuela Rodríguez / Editorial Ediciones Numeroscopical. 

Artistic Team /
Direction and Artistic Direction: Hand Made Theatre
Art and Paper Set: Consuelo Barrera
Camera: Guillem Comas
Editing: Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Music: “Chinita” Freddy Chávez
Narration: Laia Rodriguez Sant Juan.


Three routes. Three stories of migration and the search for a place within Europe’s labor market. This theatrical and audiovisual piece accompanies Ahmed, Regina and Estefani as they find their way into work, to explore the humanity behind migration and labor market integration.

Commissioned by the SIRIUS project to reflect its research findings, Routes was written and produced by the Catalan theatre company Hand Made Theatre in collaboration with SIRIUS researchers and with coordination from SOLIDAR.


Regina: Dior Gueye
Ahmed: Momen Nabil
Estefany: Diana Fajardo Arenas
Director: Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Editor: Zoe Catsaras and Ma. Julie Huet
Art Director: Consuelo Barrera Jofré
Camera and Lighting: Ivan Da Paula
Script: Daniela García Castro (with the collaboration of SIRIUS research team)
Music: Ángel Faraldo
Assistant Director: Yon Iriarte
Producer: Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Assistant Producer: Marie Julie Huet
Boom Operator: Albert Rams
Sound Design: Rodrigo Rammsy
Choreographers: “Los escultores del aire” Raffaela Crappio & Mai Rojas
Wolof Translation: Oumar Ngom and Issa Drame
Sound Studio: Gerard Masalias (Media Arts Studio)

SIRIUS Coordination team: Simone Baglioni, University of Parma/ Martina Lo Cascio, University of Parma/ Carlos Roldán Mejías, SOLIDAR/ Julie Martinaud, SOLIDAR

SIRIUS Scientific Board: Simone Baglioni, University of Parma/ Martina Lo Cascio, University of Parma/  Olga Gheorghiev, Charles University, Prague/ Karin Hoření, Charles University, Prague/ Quivine Ndomo, University of Jyväskylä/  Ilona Bontenbal, University of Jyväskylä/ Mattia Collini, University of Florence/  Francesca Calo, Glasgow Caledonian University

This video was elaborated under the Horizon 2020 project ‘SIRIUS’ (reference 770515).The content is under the sole responsibility of the author. The European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.