hand made theatre

Teatro hecho a mano


Harambee is an invitation to immersion in the depths of the forests, to learn our intimate relationship with them and to reflect on our similarities. It is not a journey that you undertake alone; the Woman/Tree will be your guide, showing you what our eyes don’t always see. Harambee is a show for all audiences, created through Live Cinema and theater of objects, without words, transporting you through images and sounds to the wonderful world of forests.

Show design / Harambee is a visual and sound show for all audiences, crafted from objects, puppets and Live Cinema, about the importance of forests as fundamental organisms in sustainable development of the planet and the fight against climate change. Its narrative is inspired by the story of the Kenyan activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, who led the Green Belt Movement and who managed, primarily through the empowerment of rural women, to mobilize an entire community to reforest their country, an initiative that ultimately spread to other parts of the African continent and the world.

It is a “handmade” show, a hallmark of our company, taking as raw material the products derived from trees that are recycled and treated, giving them new life on stage. We work with new technology to expand the visual and narrative possibilities of the show through the Live Cinema technique. Images captured through a video camera and projected in real time of small scenarios, puppets, work with different materials, sizes, textures, objects, etc., allow you to approach and see the details of the scene. Playing with two types of narration, the scenic and the cinematographic, and being able to go from the micro to the macro adds significance to the narrative of Harambee, in which materiality and the perspective of the small and detailed is so important. To this narrative and visual play is added use of a software that mixes the live captures of the cameras on stage with previously recorded video or images, allowing a collage made live. Additionally, the visual elements of the show are augmented by a sound universe, through sounds that are born both from the live manipulation of objects and from the musical score of the show.

Artistic Team /
Concept and Visual Dramaturgy: Hand Made Theatre
Direction: Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Manipulators: Consuelo Barrera Jofré and Mariana Yáñez Rojo
Integral Design and Scenic Realization: Consuelo Barrera Jofré
Scientific Advice: Doctor Emilia Guitiérrez Merino, Marta Goula, Jose. M Blanco, Professors of the Department of Ecology of the University of Barcelona and Javiera Yáñez Rojo
Art, Wood Upcycling Work and Puppetmaking: David Mojzisek
Realization of Scenographic Elements: Consuelo Barrera Jofré, Sara Caldas and David Mojzisek
Music and Sound Universe: Ángel Faraldo
Design and Realization of Audiovisuals: Mariana Yáñez Rojo and Zoe Catsaras
Director of Audiovisual Collage: Nu Larruy
Realization of Ceramic Pieces: Andrea Molina @remolina_creaciones
Audiovisual Device Consultancy: Marc Homar
Photographs and Audiovisuals Forest: Emilio Fonseca (documentary Queimar o monte, 2012) and Cristián Aguirre Duffourc
Graphic Design: Magdalena Lanas Volz
Communication Consultancy: Lorena Álvarez
Production: Hand Made Theatre
Premiere: 20/02/2021 Sala Fénix (Barcelona – Spain).

CRITICISM OF THE SHOW https://www.titeresante.es/2021/02/harambee-de-hand-made-theatre-en-la-sala-fenix-de-barcelona/

SHOW DOSSIER https://issuu.com/lacuentista/docs/harambee_dossier_2021_baja