hand made theatre

Teatro hecho a mano

Gestoras de la compañía

About us

HAND MADE THEATRE is a group of artists and professionals from diverse fields who intersect language with scenic creations and cultural projections. We like theater, animation, puppetry, cinema, etc., without labeling ourselves with a specific style; we like to combine genres and mix elements without constraints, to create freely. Our passion for handmade craftsmanship and live cinema is our hallmark.

The leading creative managers of the company are Consuelo Barrera Jofré and Mariana Yánez Rojo, who since 2011 have developed projects in conjunction with various professionals and artists, always in search of new creative and reflective challenges.

Our productions have been presented in various festivals such as the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of La Rioja, FITLO 2021 (Logroño, Spain), INCANTI Festival of Theatre and Figure 2016 (Turin, Italy), World Puppet Festival 2016 (Donosti, Spain), and we have performed seasons in various venues in Barcelona including Sala Fénix teatre, Nau Ivanov, La Seca Espai Brossa and Àtic 22 of the Tantarantana Theatre.