hand made theatre

Teatro hecho a mano

Alice on the other side of the mirror

Alice has reached adulthood. She needs to stop, but the world does not stop running; she is an arrow shot towards death. Alice falls into a deep sleep, decides to restrain her mind and is suspended in the labyrinth of her imagination. Unusual characters from her childhood come to her such as The Red Queen, The White Queen, Humpty Dumpty, Tuideldin and Tuideldún. Through them, she will try to look for answers. Mirrors and mirages until she finds the way out where life and reality await.

Artistic team /
Dramaturgy and Direction: Marcela Terra
Actress: Padi Padilla
Manipulators: Mariana Yáñez Rojo, Laura Galli and Consuelo Barrera
Design and Realization: Hand Made Theatre and Sara Caldas
Lighting: Consuelo Barrera Jofré
Live Sound Space: Gerard Masalias and Xavier Silveira
Music: Nathalie Meyer and Gerard Masalias
Poster Photography: Xavier Basiana
Graphic design: Magdalena Lanas
Production: Paula Kearney and Hand Made Theatre
Premiere: 02/06/2016 World Puppet Festival Donosti 2016 (Spain)

Collaborators: Meridiano 70 y Medio, Teatro de Vallromanes, Humana, Servei Estació, Nacex.